How to choose a universal ankle holster

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        The method of concealing a handgun on  ankle is one of the earliest forms of concealed carry.

        This is the 1st generation of the concealed carry ankle holsters.Elastic cloth material,ambidextrous design,fits for most medium/compact/super compact and revolvers.With a extra mag pouch for another magazine.Most important thing is cheap can get it from 6-8 dollars on aliexpress or other website.

       The inadequacies of this holster:Material is not comfortable enough;Velcro is not durable enough and the ankle will be press after a long time use.

        Then the 2nd generation ankle holster came to us at the right time.which was made by neoprene.

       This ankle holster has a same size with the generation 1.Only change the elastic material to neoprene,which will more comfortable.Most seller also changed the velcro to better one.The last but the most important thing is the price.Compare to 7-8 dollar,neoprene holster will be a little expensive.Most amazon seller sell it with a price of 12-15 dollars.

        Some people will say:no third choose?---the answer is "yes".The third ankle holster changed the style.

       This holster used a Double tied design.Designer believe that this design will provide a better wearing effect,with which won't have any worry that the holster is felling.

       All in all, after trying the three different forms of concealed carry ankle holsters, my conclusion is that the three holster can actually meet the general needs:

        This first one:cheap enough;

        The second one:comfortable enough;

        The third one:Strong enough;

        Choose which one,depends on your need,hope these practical experience can help you guys.

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