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A pistol magazine speed loader should be a necessity for a huge fan of pistols.UpLULA will be the most popular brand you can choose.On ebay,amazon and walmart,etc,it is the hotest universal pistol mag speed loader.It sales more than 100,000 till now only on AMAZON,and got 15000+ positive feedback.

The UpLULA speedloader is a military-grade universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed for loading and unloading virtually all* 9mm Luger up to .45ACP magazines, single and double stack and 1911’s of all manufacturers. It will also load most .380ACP double-stack mags. The UpLULA loader does it all easily, reliably, and painlessly! Loads all* 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, 10mm, .40, and .45ACP cal. single and double stack magazines., including 1911 mags, of all manufacturer, and also loads most .380ACP double-stack mags. One size fits all. No inserts, spacers or adjustments at all !
The official price of UpLULA speed loader is $29.95,so we can get a original version from ebay and amazon or at Brownells, MidwayUSA, CTD and local gun shops.
Some one try to get a copy of the magazine speed loaders from China,for its price.Normally you can get this magazine speed loader at a price of USD15-16 with a free shipping(You can get it in 10-15 days).
Personally, get a almost same speedloader with half price, waiting is worth it.

This is one of copy version link:

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